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Looking for a photog who welcomes all the weird and makes sure your photos never look like anyone else’s? Ya found her! I'm a little bit obsessed with non conformity which forces me to look for beauty in all of the things that most wouldn't even bat an eye at.  The result? Your personality + my out of the box ideas = YOU AS THE ART, my beautiful & unusual friend. 

full of personality.
mel & ANDREW

"The quality of her work and the love for her art is out of this world!! Her personality is genuine and comforting. I’ve recommended Andi on multiple occasions, and will continue to do so! P.S. If you haven’t figured it out yet. That last part means run and get in with her while you can. This woman is going places and you will miss your opportunity to be an Andi Lamarche original!!"

"The quality of her work and the love for her art is out of this world!!"


Andi is SO much fun to work with! She is outgoing, so easy to get along with, and makes sure she gets the best pictures possible. Her creativity is the best part about her! Would 110% recommend Andi, I can’t wait for her to shoot my wedding next year!

"Andi is SO much fun to work with! She is outgoing, so easy to get along with"


First things first, Andi, thank you. I could never tell you how blessed I feel to have met you. Not only did I feel like you’re the artist that can see into my visions, but you are such an amazing human being & friend. I love that you and I kinda jumped into this not knowing. We both met and said, ‘let’s do it’, and it proves that a little bit of faith goes a long way.

"You captured my heart in a hundred photos. My love, my friends, and my family. You preserved memories that I wish I could relive EVERYDAY."

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I’m all for capturing love and life as is – but I also like to throw in a little bit of personality / posing  to make it extra. I will not be recreating what you see on Pinterest, mind you, being a copy cat kills my vibe. Plus, in this corner of the interwebs we don't like being the same. Don’t get me wrong – we all need a photo our grandma can proudly display on the fridge. But the couples I know are anything but ordinary. So let's make sure we make some extra ordinary art K?! 

You’ve got incredible style, you’re bursting with personality, your love story and energy are literally captivating. You deserve photos that reflect your vibe. That celebrate you at your most alive. Forget being perfectly put together. Show me the messy, the real. Let's create the kind of photos that go in the scrapbook, y'know the ones that might make grandma blush, the ones you’ll look back on to remember who TF you are, the ones who remind you to STAY COOL.

andi elle

My personality: friendly af. My style: edgy, filmy, docu stlye w/ an editorial feel. The vibes: cool, cute, creepy

You're cool as heck & i want you & everyone else to know it.

I want to go places. Places that light you up, either individually or as a couple.  Show off your silly little quirks.  The things that make you, you.  That's the shit you'll want to look back on
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The couples I know 
 are out of this world.



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